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Our attitude makes the difference
Our transparency speaks for us

The same management team creating digital technology since 2000

When the same team of people work together for 15 years under the same logo and with the same attitude as the first day, we can say that we have the best gears that a business organization oriented to results could have. Our philosophy based on values of mutual respect, leadership, loyalty, transparency, honesty and personal development allows us to view and manage any project from a unique perspective.

Based on the four continents, we distribute services and talent with a perspective and international reach (with many connections in different countries). Since December 2001, we have expanded our capabilities, which have positioned us as an innovative engine in our technology sector.

Focused on the mobile platform, we start with the development of the first devices as a communication tool for new mobile payments technologies. We have developed more than one hundred APPs and more than 20 digital content portals of diverse themes, being exclusive licensees of mobile digital rights of important companies such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Pau Gasol, Bomba Navarro, Felipe Reyes, Mortadelo and Filemón, Zipi and Zape, Valiant, ACB, Fido Dido …

For all this, we have recognition in the innovation and management of digital content with the Ficod Prize. We also have Partners of leading companies and leading technology providers.


At Msolutions we believe in people. We have a group of competent and honest workers who work as a team and share values. We are entrepreneurs and in continuous training to always offer the best and latest in the market.
We also engage with students in training and offer the possibility of doing internships with us.
If you want to work and belong to a serious, enthusiastic and continuously developing company, join the team.

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